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Welcome to Pawty Co... Adventure Awaits


I am Jade and I am here with my sidekick Winnie. We are the creators and testers of Pawty Co. We began this adventure in June 2020 when my passion for all things dog (and Winnie the Pooh hence the pups name) became a vision for quality, stylish BUT affordable pet accessories, 'Because dogs are family'.

Our designs are unique and designed by hand based on places and things that bring us happiness and adventure. I hope you can relate and enjoy one hell of an adventure with your fur baby!

Just a little bit behind our designs..

Pink Lake- Being WA born and bred, this is one of my personal favourites (actually, who am I kidding I love them all). Pink Lake is a salt lake near Esperance and has historically been pink in colour. Don't get too excited though, unfortunately it has not been pink since 2017. However as conditions change it may turn pink again!

Emerald Isle- For the luck of the Irish! This one is named after the poetic name for Ireland due its green country side. Ireland was first referred to as "Emerald Isle" by William Brennan in his poem "When Erin First Rose". An entire island coated in emerald green lusher, more vibrant than anything you have ever beheld.  

Summer Sky- No matter what country we call home I truly believe that summer is just the greatest. It allows so much adventure. Warm days, warm nights, beach trips, pool days and enjoying the sunsets outside. We can not get enough of our summers here in the land down under & lucky for us our summers are long.

Opal- How could we leave this one out. Opal is such an extraordinary stone of health and healing but are also said to be very lucky! In Roman times the gem was carried as a good luck charm as it was believed that the gem, like the rainbow brought its owner good fortune. It sounds like Opals just want the best for you, much like our dogs. Damn, maybe I should have called Winnie Opal!

Northern Lights- Most certainly one on my bucket list. But a big thank you to Covid this will not be happening any time soon! A natural light display in the northern sky looks nothing short of amazing. When I feel like an international adventure (which once again covid does not allow) I just put Winnie in the Northern Lights set and take ourselves on a magnificent adventure in our own back yard!

Cottesloe- Once again hola to all the Perth peeps, if you are not from Perth you do not need to miss out. Cottesloe is just simply stunning, beautiful white sand and spectacular panoramic views. The beach is such a happy place so why not wear it!

And there we have it.. Our first 6 designs. 

Thanks for joining us on our adventure! We would love to join yours be sure to tag us @pawtyco so we too can enjoy.

Much love

Jade & Winnie xx

P.S. If you want to shop our designs just click here.

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